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Clement completed Clement has over 40 years experience in leading multi disciplinary projects and in social cost benefit analysis and risk modelling. He specialises in complex projects with hard to measure tangible and intangible benefits especially the economic impacts on the broader economy. He has worked in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia,Philippines, Indonesia and the United Arab Emirates.
Clement completed the first ever option valuation of a non-financial product in Australia when he valued the Campase to Coliban water pipeline.
Clement developed a world first model for the estimation of the economic costs and benefits of the inter-linked consequences of a flood.  The model used the trigger of a flood event to then model a consequential set of probabilistic economic and financial costs from damage to property to loss of jobs and business.  The model was developed in @RISK™.
Clement modelled the revenue risk associated with a HVDC undersea cable
Clement built a stochastic model of a series of gated large properties saving the client over $3.5 million per site.


·    Proven Results as an excellent communicator with the ability to translate technical matters into plain English and to engage and win over stakeholders in the process.

·    Demonstrated expertise in drafting well-structured, logical, concise and persuasive reports suitable for a variety of audiences including government and industry.

·    Innovative policy analysis and development track record working across government on major policy development processes affecting job creation, business, energy, international trade, taxation, infrastructure, innovation, and regulation.

·    Methodologies and processes to solve policy problems in a logical manner and draw meaningful insight, and make suitable recommendations.

·    A thorough understanding of how the public service works from machinery of government and policy development, to funding of policies and programs and submitting proposals to the ERC.

·    Experience and success in writing Cabinet papers and briefing Ministers on key issues and drafting Cabinet submissions.  A track record of providing succinct and targeted advice to enable crucial strategic decisions.

·    Expertise in delivering the legislative program for Ministers, managing the Cabinet, Select Committee, and executive council responsibilities of the Ministers.

·    Considerable expertise and experience in major project investment justification, including business case development and economic analysis (especially social cost benefit analysis and economic contribution analysis).

·    Analytical and commercial background gained in both corporate and government sectors.

·    Demonstrated ability to work effectively in teams, flexible as to roles and responsibilities.

·    Experience in the financial analysis and modelling of infrastructure projects.  Specialist expertise in the economic evaluation and modelling of complex projects with methodologies to take into account hard to measure tangible and intangible benefits including wider economic benefits. Tools and methodologies to measure the impact of funding & pricing decisions especially where public finance is a necessary “kick start”.

·    Analysis and design of regulatory regimes and regulatory impact statements.

·    Expertise in social impact analysis using the OECD Pressure State Response (PSR) framework

.    Experience in creating measures of success of policy programs and using those measures to monitor progress and spending against program allocations.

·    Considerable experience in carrying out spatial demographic analysis and forecasts that underlie most policy advice.

Community Work

Board member of the Rehablim trust for the rehabilitation of physically disabled children in Indonesia.

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Sectors of interest:

Energy, Transport, Water, Property; Government: regional development; growth economics.


BA Honours (Economics & Information Science)

BA (Pure & Applied Economics)

BSC (Pure & Applied Mathematics)


Economic Society of Australia

Friend of the TRB Economic Development Research Group

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